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Data visualisation of Hearth Failures

Customer: Pfizer UK, Brands: Eliquis and Inspra Year: 2012 In:

What I did: concept, information architecture, user interface wireframing

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Data visualisation of Hearth Failures

A geo-location based web application that visualises medical statistical data in five (or n) data categories by using an interactive map displaying  the regional relevant data within and aside the map; as a secondary option the content can be accessed by being displayed in a data table as a list. The service is accessible over the web as a service for physicians, furthermore to be used as a standalone application and optimised for mobile devices such as an iPad and smart phones.

A service for physicians /cardiologists to provide statistic health data, data sets are available for the country as well as for each county. A main purpose is to figure out how many patients are eligible of a possible treatment on SPAF in a specific county, but also represent figures for hospital related data, mortality rate and costs on NHS.

Due to PPC geo-located ad-links a visitor will see data for his region first, if geo-targeting is not working or the PPC campaign is over a user see national data and should make a selection of his/her county.

Three levels of reading the data: the possible queries are classified in three levels:

Elementary level to represent a single value (Example question: What was the average length of stay in hospitals of eligible patients in Q1 2012 in my county?)

Intermediate level to represent relationships between values (Example question: In compare to the previous month, what was the movement of average length of stay in hospitals?)

Overall level to represent relationships of the whole (Example question: During the entire period, what is the trend?)


HTML4 based on Liferay CMS

SVG maps

Play framework

SQL database

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