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Customer Relation Management Web Application

Customer: Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Antifungal Europe Year: 2012 In:

What I did: concept, user interface wireframing

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Customer Relation Management Web Application

Simplify the ordering and delivery process of the Antifungals Diagnostic Toolkit  by creating a tailor-made CRM web application

This application  supports sales reps in ordering the Antifungals diagnostic kit through an online web form. Through a predefined workflow the brand managers approve the order so that the toolkit can be delivered through a 3rd party vendor to the physician. ,


Categories (Customer, Orders and Sales persons) group and manage related types (Sales rep, brand manager …) of work items (a particular person or order).

These work items have assigned attributes (pending, confirmed, active…) and relationships among themselves (assignments: e.g. doctor – order – sales rep or sales rep – sales manager)

Along a workflow (from demand to delivery confirmed) actions (enter „demand“) make rules applicable (change state or send email).

In other words: an action trigger a defined rule



Play framework

SQL database